LIGHTCONVERSE - Product of the Year for 2014-2015
  LIGHTCONVERSE 3D SHOW PLATFORM was recently recognized as Lighting Software Product of the Year for 2014-2015 by Live Design magazine.

  The prestigious award was handed out during Live Design's New York Master Classes (NYMC), held from June 2-6, 2015 at the NYU Tisch School of the Arts and The Gallatin School.

  In a continual effort to shrink the gap between virtual and reality, LIGHTCONVERSE has steadily increased its feature set by delivering a dynamic array of capabilities in One Complete Platform, offering solutions for visualizing and integrating Multiple Show Disciplines.

  LIGHTCONVERSE as a company actively supports continued development in the lighting design field with an emphasis on promoting the progress of talented lighting artists. As the well-deserved award was received at NYU during the Live Design Master Classes, LIGHTCONVERSE further became an official sponsor of the Classes, benefiting lighting students as they begin their luminous journey.
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