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  Dear LC Customer,

  Over the past few years we began shipping a new small round "button" style license dongle as part of our committed focus towards a completely new generation of our visualization engine, which will now be released in upcoming v58. The newer button style dongle also importantly provides a very high level of protection which is an absolute and necessary part of our future development focus. Please note that if you have an old generation orange or blue thumb style dongle, you will be able to keep using it and all libraries and plugins will continue be updated at no cost on a regular basis as usual and the visualization engine will remain the same high quality version as with current v57. However, if you would like to exchange your old generation dongle for a new generation round dongle the cost is 200 Euro. It is important to note that the cost is nominal and reflects the fact that the new generation dongle is a type of miniature high tech computer in as of itself, without which a new generation LC visualization engine would not be possible. Please reply back to this email at your convenience for more information on the exchange process. Remember that you can always acquire the new generation dongle at a later time, if you prefer.

  Thank you as always for your support.

  Best regards,

  Note: The new generation round dongle carries a 2 Year Hardware Warranty. In case of failure after the 2 Year Hardware Warranty period expires, the dongle will be replaced as per terms in the End User License Agreement (EULA).